Berkley NanoFil Uni-filament Fishing Line



As the longest-casting thinnest strongest and most sensitive line on the market today, Berkley NanoFil allows you to go lighter than ever before, throwing small spinners farther and finesse small baits with ease. Not a mono, not a fluorocarbon, and not a braid, NanoFil feels and handles like smooth monofilament with the performance characteristics of a braid. Thin smooth texture, minimum diameter, and maximum strength allow effortless casting precision and distance without sacrificing performance. NanoFil consists of hundreds of Dyneema gel-spun polyethylene nanofilament fibers molecularly linked and shaped into a unified-filament fishing line giving it super strength. Zero stretch and ultra-small diameter provide ultimate sensitivity for noting both the lightest pickups and the most jarring strikes. Line design virtually eliminates tangles. Designed for use with light to medium-weight spinning tackle.