DONQL Fishing Hooks Treble Hook High Carbon Steel



  • IMPOSSIBLE TO ESCAPE—the same size as the standard treble, it is easier to hook the fish. The unique bend forces fish into elbows, making it almost impossible to escape.
  • HIGH CARBON STEEL— high quality high carbon steel material, long stalk handle, pointed hook tip, strong corrosion resistance, high proportion of fish caught.
  • NEW PROCESSES—We continuously develop new processes to achieve the best balance between toughness and hardness, and create greater value for customers.
  • HOOK TIP SHARP— -There are barbed hooks to prevent fish from escaping, and triangular hook tips sharp fish quickly, the penetration resistance 50% lower than standard Classic Hook points!
  • APPLICATIONS: These treble hooks are the perfect replacement hooks for hard and soft bait lures, for striped bass, trout, Herring, Eel, panfish, and salmon species ect.