Hooky Easy-to-Use Fishing Line Threader



Don’t play hooky without a HOOKY!

Thread fishing hooks in seconds even in cold weather, low light, wind, rain or a rocking boat. The easy to use patented design snaps directly on your fishing rod making threading an easy process for any level fisher. Save time and headache with HOOKY’s two step threading process:

1) Place the hook into the slot.

2) Guide the line through the channel, and lift the threaded hook.

’s that easy! And you’re on your way to tying the perfect fishing knot. If you lose time out on the water due to poor eyesight, dim light, cold fingers, boat rocking, wind or rain, then a HOOKY can turn your time fishing into the relaxing activity it’s meant to be. HOOKY has helped people with physical challenges such as: macular degeneration, parkinsons, and neuropathy. Fishing enthusiasts of any skill level, age, or physical condition will benefit from using a HOOKY on their next fishing trip.


  • SNAPS DIRECTLY TO POLE – Make threading your hook a simple and seamless process by clicking the HOOKY directly to your pole. Or attach it to your hat, a dowel, or simply hold it in your hand.
  • BEAT THE ELEMENTS – Thread fishing hooks in seconds even in cold weather, low light, wind, rain, or a rocking boat. It’s also the perfect solution for those affected by physical challenges such as parkinsons and neuropathy.
  • PATENTED EASY-TO-USE DESIGN – A fisher’s new best friend. Versatile and efficient, and with a wide array of functionality in a small package.
  • BEST USED SIZE – the perfect fit for fishing hook size 18 through 1/0 standard hooks.