Tailored Tackle Bass Fishing Kit 77 Pc Bass GearTackle Box



1x Lipless Crankbait Crawdad 1/2 Oz, 1x Square Bill Crankbait Blue Shad 1/4 Oz, 1 x Spinnerbait Green & White 5/8 Oz, 1x Swimbait Paddle Tail 4″ 3/4 Oz, 1x Topwater Frog Green Leopard 5/16 Oz, 1x Weedless Skirt Jig Brown & Black 5/8 Oz, 3 x Wacky Worm Stick Bait Green Pumpkin Candy 5″, 3 x Finesse Bass Worms Green Pumpkin Candy 6″, 3x Tube Baits Brown Flake 4″, 6x Fluke Shad Soft Plastic Jerk Baits Smoke Green 4″, 6x Curl Tail Grub Baits Brown Flake 3″, 5 x EWG Worm Hooks 3/0, 5x Round Bend Worm Hooks 2/0, 5x Red Octopus Hooks 1/0, 2x Jig Heads 1/4 Oz, 2x Jig Heads 1/8 Oz, 12x Bass Bottom Bouncers, 5x Wacky O Rings 8mm, 5x Barrel Swivels #7, 5x Fishing Beads Orange 6mm, 5x Split Rings #6, 1x Stowaway Tackle Box 11×7 inches 14 compartments 9 dividers. 14 Page Bass Fishing Book includes chapters on how to fish every lure and piece of tackle in the kit, Top 10 Bass Tips, How to Locate Bass, Bass Feeding Habits, Popular Bass Fishing Techniques, Fundamental Bass Lures, How to Rig Soft Plastic Bait, How to Cast a Baitcasting Rod & Reel.