WataChamp Bees/Frog Spincast Fishing Reel



  • Sure Grab—-Lengthened double stainless steel pick-up pins ensure WataChamp Bees fishing reel can grab line even line is slack. Special designed front cone inner ring has extruded rib which can press slack line down and let pick-up pins to grab it at any condition.
  • Sure Cast—Soft rubber made rotor pad press line onto the inside platform of the front cone when angler cast, WataChamp Bees spincast fishing reel comparing to other cheap reels which use steel rotor to press line, soft rubber can protect line very well from over-squeezing and hold line tightly because of better friction. You don’t have to worry about your line damaged by casting with WataChamp Bees fishing reels.
  • Palm Comfortable —WataChamp Bees spincast fishing reel has the perfect size to palm in your hand and very friendly to use. lightweight yet strong strength design allows you to go fishing the whole day and won’t tired.
  • Carbon Washer — WataChamp Bees spincast fishing reel has one-piece carbon friction washer which can provide silk smooth drag and linear drag force change along with with drag knob fine adjustment. Comparing to most of spincast reels in the market which has other drag washer materials, carbon washer can give you a stable starting drag force even under load and won’t break your line while sudden hook set.
  • 5+1 SSD Ball Bearings — WataChamp Bees fishing reel is configured with 5 pieces Super Smooth and Durable stainless steel double shield ball bearing and one-piece stainless steel Instant One Way clutch. That makes you can go fishing in both freshwater and saltwater field with always silk smooth cranking and high performance.